Is Anyone Out There?

Interesting stuff in the paper today. NASA have succeeded in placing, after a 5 year journey across 1.82 thousand million miles of space to get there, the satellite JUNO in orbit at Jupiter. Awesome achievement, with the cruciality of stopping propulsion at exactly the right second, to ensure the orbit was achieved. Awesome cost as well, stated as being 1.1 billion dollars. Congratulations to the team but as has always been asked in the past, was the expenditure worth it?

Strange thing is, is that the internet is full of ‘reports’ that 2016 is the year there is to be a ‘disclosure’ that we have been visited from other part of the galaxy and are in contact with Others. But this information has not come from the side of a Mayan pyramid, rather, it is supposed to be ‘insider’ information from some ‘source’ or sources, who obviously……. know. If you read some of the online reportage aliens are allegedly in contact with World Leaders and we have been protected from the reality of this knowledge, presumably due to the effect the realisation would have on religion, social structure, the price of kebabs and so forth.

As regards the Visitors themselves, we need to be wary of who is actually coming to the garden party, as it were. Within the ‘outer limits’ [1] of accepted wisdom on the subject, it appears there are good and bad aliens. There are reportedly, the ‘Nordics’ that are a tall benevolent race, with perfect complexion and golden hair, wearing blue catsuits, resembling a well turned-out Abba tribute band. They are regarded as helpful and non-aggressive and it is this type of alien that may have been responsible for watching the development of Earth, over the millenia, and promoting peace in the Cosmos. Hmmm.

The other type of alien, as many will know, is the ‘Grey’ or ‘Gray’, that is, the now familiar almond-eyed beastly interlopers, responsible for invasive action and alleged abductions. In the bigger picture of recounted tales their agenda might be wholly exploitative of Earth and its population, and if they stop short of aggressive conquest and subjugation they may colonise us and maintain their exploitation of resources they seek, but perhaps assuring us we need their technology, management and ‘broad shoulders’, figuratively that is, as they are shargered little gits with large heads. But this is another discussion.

I just wonder what response the aliens, whichever ones arrive, would get from Earth. I presume they would speak with the American president, the Russian and Chinese leaders also. But Britain? Would a Prime Minister or senior government figures be invited to the bun-fight? Could you imagine the aliens arranging a meeting with leaders in London this week, if this transpired?

Back onboard the saucer;   “How did the London meeting go, then?”                                                                                                 “Just set for double warp drive, and don’t stop at McDonald’s”


If aliens have visited earth, then they have come a fair old distance, have they not? And their means of propulsion? I don’t think they’re using Duracell batteries. So if the aliens ARE speaking to world leaders, would it not have been better to ask their guidance on interstellar travel and deploy this knowledge in our quest to Jupiter instead of depending on rocket fuel that is still essentially the souped-up remains of dinosaurs and prehistoric vegetation? And we could’ve saved an astronomical amount of money.

Nano, nano.


Romi Veda

[1]    The Outer Limits (1963 TV series), a black-and-white science fiction series that aired from 1963 to 1965



Women are from Venus, King Prawns are from the Gamba Quadrant.

What then, would be the cost of curry take-away (for example a King Prawn Madras) from Earth if you were on, say, Mars? Pretty expensive, eh? I can’t imagine they would deliver it free.

It must cost millions to transfer something from Earth to Mars, and with human habitation possible within a short timescale, it will be just as expensive to send something in this direction, that is, from Mars to Earth what with packaging and everything.

The reason I ponder this is that on not one but two (and counting) take-away menus delivered through the letterbox here in Aberdeen, Scotland’s 3rd city, we have the usual curries from approx £6.95 to £9.95 depending on meat included in the recipe and the cooking process, such as being cooked in a Tandoor oven, but when it comes to King Prawns the costs (TAKEAWAY) on the 2 menus to hand are £12.25 and £12.95. This is astounding and although Aberdeen is expensive and frequently overpriced I just cannot see how the price is justified.

So what about the price of the raw (or cooked) materiel. King Prawns in these takeaway dinners means prawns, curled as they are in a C shape and approximately  +/- 30mm across the rough diameter. They are not, I assure you, in any way, a breathtakingly gargantuan specie of crustacean.

I bought a pack of ‘Large Honduras [cooked] King Prawns’ at the local supermarket. £3.00 for, as I counted, 20 prawns. This means each prawn costs 15 pence but this is obviously a comparatively expensive way or purchasing them. So, if your takeaway meal has a generous 10 King Prawns these would cost the business less than the £1.50 that 10 of my prawns would cost in a small retail pack. Even a large freezer retail pack would be significantly cheaper and trade prices must be again significantly lower still.

So it begs the question. Where do these takeaway king prawns come from? I think the takeaways are sourcing these from somewhere in Deep Space, and suffering the exorbitant costs of supply transportation. The answer might be obvious, though. Whether the  prawns had originated from Earth’s bountiful oceans or whether we are being offered a species of space-king-prawn from, as the scientists call them, a ‘Goldilocks-type’ planet with similar atmosphere and seas to our dear Earth, no-one knows…….

…….but that’ll be the answer; Captain Jean-Luc Picard speaks of the Gamba Quadrant, does he not?

Remember. In Space, no-one can hear you…………………………fart.


Romi Veda